Kozy IT: First Steps to Utilizing Cloud Services (feat. Hank Neveu)

April 29, 2016

Host Jeff Koziuk is joined by Acrodex Cloud Solutions Architect, Hank Neveu, for a discussion on cloud services. Learn how to leverage the cloud and gain strategic tips to help you take the first step towards utilizing the cloud. Other topics that are explored include:


·         Overview of Iaas, Paas, IaaS


·         Cloud vs On-premise


-          Capital vs Operating expenses


-          Examples


·         Benefits and possible uses of the cloud


·         Microsoft Canadian Data Centers


·         How do you take the first step?


-          What to ask the experts? (ROI, best workloads to migrate, etc.)


-          What should you ask yourself?


·         Cloud Assessment


-          Why is it important, what are my options, and what are the results?

The cloud can help you become more agile and responsive. However, other benefits include possible licensing and operating savings. Getting new projects off the ground in a more efficient and cost effective way is another advantage. Though your IT department is still needed to manage the cloud, with efficient management tools the cloud offers, they are now freed-up to handle other initiatives.   


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