Kozy IT: Microsoft Volume Licensing – Considerations for Business Decisions

March 21, 2016

In this episode, returning guest and software expert, Andre Murrell, goes through the advantages of the different components of Software Assurance in Microsoft Enterprise Agreements. Get cost-saving tips as well as business and investment advice for your decisions regarding volume licensing.  

Episode highlights:

  • Benefits of Software Assurance, Enterprise Agreements and other Volume Licensing:

-         Breakdown of some examples of the benefits (hard and soft costs)

-         Subscription services (24x7 Problem Resolution,Planning Services, TechNet, Microsoft Online Concierge, and more)

-         Microsoft Home Use program

-         Office, Windows, SQL Server licensing (Product Use rights,Roaming Use, and more)

  • Client Discussion examples
  • Find value and leverage your licensing agreement

Do the features of your agreement provide your company with value?If not, we’ll let you know!  Learn how we can analyze your unique environment and the licenses you require.

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