Access IT Podcast – Episode 8: Empowering the Modern Workplace (feat. Khaleel Rajack) presented by Microsoft Surface

June 11, 2018

Today, all professionals are expected to be creative and think critically. However, “40% of people who are asked to be creative say they don’t have the necessary tools.” That’s where Microsoft Surface comes in…

Senior Partner Development Manager at Microsoft Surface, Khaleel Rajack, is this episode’s special guest. Together, we discuss today’s business trends and delve into some of the technology spearheading the modern workplace movement.

Microsoft Surface, especially when paired with Microsoft 365, helps to provide users and companies with a seamless, first-in-class experience. Learn how Microsoft is revolutionizing how we work thanks to the intuitive and  “natural” capabilities — like ink, voice, touch and gaze — of the innovative Surface devices.


If you’re looking for a partner to manage this experience, PCM Canada gives various purchase options which includes Surface and Microsoft 365, with the ability for PCM Canada to manage that end-to-end solution. Visit to learn more.

Access IT Podcast #7: Cloud Backup and Protection (feat. Robert Cox) presented by NetApp

February 23, 2018

Business leaders are under increasing pressure to build a data-centric organization, according to our special guest, Robert Cox, Senior Product Marketing Manager at NetApp. Organizations that leverage the cloud and transform digitally, have an unfair advantage.

But how safe is your data in a cloud service like Office 365?

In this episode, Robert describes how some of the best practices of legacy, on-prem hardware and traditional backup/restore practices have been brought into the age of the modern workforce thanks to NetApp’s Cloud Control for Office 365; giving customers an extra layer of protection while enabling admins to control and restore data when, and how, they want to.

‘Digital Transformation’ is toping the agenda of companies of all sizes. Go beyond the buzzwords and learn the real-world practices that have helped organizations, from ivy league schools to NetApp, lower cost, scale resources, streamline admin, and protect their data.

Gain the flexibility, speed and automation that can make the difference in this competitive market. Visit to trial Cloud Control or click HERE learn more about PCM Canada and NetApp data center and cloud solutions.

Access IT Podcast #6: SMB Infrastructure Solutions (feat. Stan Bobnic) presented by Dell EMC

October 16, 2017

We're joined by Stan Bobnic, Enterprise Sales Engineer at Dell EMC. With over 20 years' experience in various IT roles, Stan has seen first-hand the different challenges businesses face.

Listen as we share insider updates from Dell EMC and their unique approach to designing SMB solutions, including how Dell EMC has adapted to the changing technology and business trends, what goes into designing their products, and the data-driven, cloud-driven solutions of tomorrow.

The episode concludes with an overview of the PowerEdge VRTX, a modular, "datacenter in a box" that is usability tested and engineered to fit any office. The PowerEdge VRTX is quiet, energy efficient, highly configurable, and versatile, offering a growing business a streamlined experience that's affordable and easy to manage (and support). 

To learn more about Dell PowerEdge VRTX, visit

Kozy IT: Season 3 Announcement plus OneNote Record Audio and Research tools

September 11, 2017

Welcome back Kozy fans! Season 3 has now begun. 

In this episode, Jeff Koziuk gives us a breakdown of some of the more overlooked functions of Microsoft OneNote, Record Audio and Research.  

Record Audio: where you're able to insert, directly into your notes, live audio notes on-the-go or during that important meeting.

Research: a side pane that’s connected to the Internet, allows you to quickly insert snippets from web search results of your topic, complete with their URL’s and date/time stamps.



Access IT Podcast #5: IT Security Solutions for the Growing Business (feat. Ian McGarry) presented by Cisco

July 7, 2017

This episode focuses on Cisco’s security portfolio and how Cisco and PCM Canada’s new Evolve NX bundle is giving businesses peace-of-mind knowing staff, customers, and guests are safe on their network. Listen as Ian McGarry from Cisco Systems Canada analyzes the challenges facing SMBs today and how to solve these in a practical and sustainable way.

What will the IT landscape look like in 5 years, 10 years? How can a small business develop a security practice that’s both affordable and agile? Join us as we tackle the issues facing Canadian businesses head-on and receive fresh insights into these critical topics and much more, including:

  • How to future-proof your IT practices to protect your network
  • Network management and security on that network
  • Taking a proactive and holistic approach to security
  • Cisco’s affordability options for state-of-the-art solutions

Evolve NX combines best-of-breed networking technology, security, and collaboration tools to provide a holistic IT solution for companies of all sizes and sectors. Developed with these different verticals and industries in mind, this affordable, bundled, end-to-end solution is agile and operates with low expenditure thanks to manageable monthly payment options.

Visit to learn more.

Access IT Podcast #4: Introducing Evolve, the first of its kind IT productivity bundle

July 5, 2017

In this episode, we’re joined by Jayson Chakkalakal who is PCM Canada's Product Manager for Evolve. Evolve gives end-users all the tools they need to be successful, including the latest device, software and help desk support so they can be productive anytime, anywhere.

Learn how Evolve gives your business the flexibility and peace-of-mind as we discuss:

  • Challenges and struggles that companies experience today in their IT practice
  • Financial forecasting and how It can make it difficult
  • How does Evolve mitigate these challenges with its features and unique per user, per month pricing model
  • Improving collaboration within your organization with the latest technology

Technology should be the efficient and reliable tools that businesses use to grow. SMBs shouldn’t have to worry about unanticipated expenses or struggle to both equip and support users. Choose the features you want and the technology you trust from leading vendors, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Samsung. Visit to build and price your custom Evolve bundle.

Access IT Podcast #3: Stratus-ID automated on-boarding and off-boarding solution

June 23, 2017

In this special episode, we discuss the history and customer success stories of the Stratus-ID solution. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Stratus-ID is an automated employee onboarding and offboarding solution that integrates into your environment, and pushes information to all systems and applications at your organization. This single tool integrates to Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Exchange Online, SFB, Outlook, SharePoint, HR systems, third party ADP, payroll, accounting and other industry-specific applications with customized workflows for approvals, alerts, and synchronizations.

Hear from Greg Mardon from Stratiform, a PCM Company, as he describes the development, incorporating the entire Azure stack, and technical back-end of the solution. You will also receive first-hand accounts from a Stratiform client, GoAuto as Shaun Guthrie, Director of Information Technology shares how Stratus-ID has both reduced the ticket resolution from 90 minutes to an average of 5 minutes and lowered their ticket total by 30%.

Visit to learn more!

Kozy IT: Outlook Quick Tip #4 - OneNote and Outlook Meetings

June 5, 2017

Microsoft Office 365 and the integration between the different appliations is meant to drive productivity through efficiency and collaboration. A perfect example of this focus is the enhanced capabiltiies with  Outlook and OneNote. 

In this step-by-step walkthrough, Kozy explains how, within Outlook calendar items, you are able to make and share notes in just a few simple clicks. And, within OneNote, email your notes to colleagues or link your notes to a meeting for easy access later.

Save time, stay organized, and keep your team on the same page thanks to OneNote and Outlook. 

Kozy IT: Outlook Quick Tip #3 - Reply with Meeting Request

May 17, 2017

This next Outlook Quick Tip will describe how to quickly reply to an email thread with a meeting invite. This "handy feature" can save you time and raise your Outlook game to the next level.

With this method, your meeting invite will automatically include all those on the email thread, the email thread will be inserted into the body of the meeting's agenda, and suggested times will be visible based on the availability of those on your team. 

Kozy IT: Outlook Quick Tip #2 - Conversation View and Email Clean-up

May 1, 2017

Has it been a while since you last looked at your inbox? Not sure where to start catching up?

In this Outlook Quick Tip, Jeff helps you organize your inbox — something we all could use a few tips on. Learn how to trim the fat from those monster email threads and keep only the most valuable and recent information. 


Office 365 continues to advance it's usability, efficiency, and integration. Stay tuned for more updates to enhance your user experience and get the most out of yourproductivity tools.

Kozy IT: Outlook Quick Tip #1 - Adding New Contacts

April 18, 2017

Adding a new contact card to Outlook used to take a while. Not anymore...

Kozy tells you the secret to quickly add a new contact with a single click (and drag) of the mouse. This record will also be auto-populated with the critical information you require, including name, email and vital notes. 



Office 365 continues to advance it's usability, efficiency, and integration. Stay tuned for more updates to enhance your user experience and get the most out of your productivity tools.

Kozy IT: Skype for Business, Outlook Integration - Contact Shortcuts

March 27, 2017

Do you have Skype for Business? Would you like to know some functionality options available for reaching your Outlook contacts? Kozy is here to help! 

Listen to this brief walkthrough as Jeff 'Kozy' Koziuk describes each icon of the Skype for Business user interface within Outlook. Learn how to:

- Read contact availability 

- Skype calling

- Quickly launch instant message or chat window

- View contact card

Kozy IT: Microsoft Word, Outlook Mail Merge Walkthrough

March 13, 2017

Jeff ‘Kozy’ Koziuk kicks-off Season 2 and the ‘Office 365 Productivity Series’ by going through the systematic process of using Microsoft Word to Mail Merge with your Outlook contacts. Learn how to customize greetings, controlling recipients and much more.

Follow along and learn how this older, but perhaps most under-utilized, integration of these more popular Microsoft Office applications can save you valuable time and effort.

Kozy IT: Season 2 Announcement

March 13, 2017

Kozy is back with a new season and a whole new format!

There are some great episodes that are coming up in Season 2. We hope you enjoy the ‘Office 365 Productivity Series’. 


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Access IT Podcast #2: Impacts of Microsoft’s Evolution (feat. Pantelis Neofotis & John Green)

December 14, 2016

Workers have changed and Microsoft have responded. Host Raza Hussain is joined by Pantelis Neofotis, Software Solutions Manager, and John Green, Microsoft Licensing Services Team Lead. Listen as these experts describe how Microsoft’s cloud offerings and licensing have shifted to satisfy user-based, consumption services. Microsoft’s many investments in this new mobile and cloud first world, like the new Canadian datacenters, are, in the end, all about user empowerment.  

Other Microsoft updates that are discussed include:

  • New Office 365 E5 Subscription (Power BI, user performance analytics, hosted cloud PBX, etc.)
  • Azure popular use cases, such as testing Windows 10 compatibility to streamline evaluation
  • Volume Licensing updates

Acrodex Microsoft experts from S.A. Management, Delivery Specialists, Cloud Architects, and Support teams, are here to work for you. Because every customer is unique, Acrodex makes suggestions, based on your needs, ensuring you make the best decisions for your organization.

Visit for more information.

Kozy: IT Staffing and the Benefits of Resource Management to Organizations (Feat. Loretta Leniuk)

December 7, 2016

Jeff “Kozy” Koziuk is back! In this episode, Kozy is joined by Acrodex’s Manager, IT Staffing Canada, Loretta Leniuk to discuss IT Staffing & Resource Management. This discussion covers the many advantages Acrodex’s IT Staffing & Resource Management and how engagements and relationships are built with our clients. 

Acrodex has a consultative approach which Loretta and her team of experienced IT professionals use to understand the customer's unique environment while validating the customers’ business problem or required outcomes. Loretta can determine a solution; whether that is seamlessly providing resources onsite, supplementing operational/project teams, or providing subject matter experts to Professional Service teams to solve current and future state requirements.

Benefits of Acrodex’s IT Staffing & Resource Management service, include:

  • Simplify hiring and on-boarding
  • Reduce admin overhead
  • Follow best-practice and compliance to industry standards
  • Access to experienced and qualified IT professionals
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Experienced, technical, certified resource team/Bench of IT professionals 
  • Seamlessly supplement your existing teams
  • Maintain Quality of Service on local and national level 
  • Leverage/combine with other Acrodex IT services 


Loretta Leniuk, Manager, IT Staffing Canada, oversees the IT Staffing & Resource Management businesses unit across Canada. Her 17 years of experience in the IT industry incorporates all channels and areas of IT, including recruiting agencies, vendor, corporate, and IT solution providers. Loretta’s success is routed in her ability to build trust in long-term relationships with clients and internal business units. Negotiating contracts, while developing new process and procedures also fulfills Loretta’s passion of providing the highest level of service possible. Loretta continues to extend her reach throughout Canada to support Acrodex's national model. 

Access IT Podcast #1: Digital Transformation (feat. John Dathan) presented by HPE

October 3, 2016

Introducing the NEW Access Podcast: giving you access to the latest business, marketing, and IT intelligence from our partner community—aligned to the other Acrodex Access activities (Access Newsletter and Access Symposiums).

Listen as John Dathan, VP of Strategy and Business Development at HPE Canada, describes why transforming to a digital business is critical to staying competitive. Hear the true definition of Hybrid Infrastructure and take advantage of both traditional and cloud technologies to suite your needs. Learn how HPE help customers achieve unique outcomes and gain insight into the following areas:



-          Digital Disruption


-          The Idea Economy


-          ‘Transform, Protect, Empower, and Enable’


-          Big Data


-          Mobility


If you would like to learn more about the how Acrodex and Platinum Partner HPE are transforming Canadian businesses, visit


Kozy IT: InfinIT Managed Services Bundle (feat. Ron Smith)

June 10, 2016

“What gets managed gets done.” This is how Ron Smith, Acrodex’s Director of Delivery Services, featured on this episode, describes the InfinIT Managed Services.

Our team discusses how InfinIT provides complete and total support for your business with several (and strategic) value added services—all packaged together. 

This episode highlights the following InfinIT features: 


-Centralized Services


-Technical Consultant


-Unlimited Support


-Virtual Dexter (vCIO)




IT Careers: Social Media in the Workplace

June 7, 2016

In this episode, the Acrodex HR podcast team discusses the changing dynamic of hiring and employment in the digital age, featuring topics like:  

·        Tip and tricks from established, award-winning Marketing and Recruitment Specialists


·        Facebook vs LinkedIn - what to share, overlaps, outcomes, and connections/friends


·        Social Media post etiquette


·        Social Media policies


·        Appropriate email addresses


·        Profile pictures


·        Google Alerts


·        Privacy settings  


Kozy IT: Microsoft Cloud Saves the Day (Feat. Mat Burke)

May 13, 2016

In this episode, Jeff Koziuk is joined by special guest Mat Burke, Microsoft Account Executive for Education, to discuss how the cloud has protected real businesses against the unexpected. Real Canadian emergencies are analyzed; sudden,potentially harmful scenarios like natural disasters, health threats in a community, and identity theft attacks.

MicrosoftAzure, is a solution that addresses urgent business concerns and savescompanies from potentially catastrophic results. The various business functionsof Microsoft Azure solved the following issues for Canadian organizations:


  •           Immediate need to scale-up data archiving
  •           Disaster recovery
  •           Instantaneous responsiveness
  •           Encryption
  •           Multifactor authentication
  •           Lower operational costs












Kozy IT: First Steps to Utilizing Cloud Services (feat. Hank Neveu)

April 29, 2016

Host Jeff Koziuk is joined by Acrodex Cloud Solutions Architect, Hank Neveu, for a discussion on cloud services. Learn how to leverage the cloud and gain strategic tips to help you take the first step towards utilizing the cloud. Other topics that are explored include:


·         Overview of Iaas, Paas, IaaS


·         Cloud vs On-premise


-          Capital vs Operating expenses


-          Examples


·         Benefits and possible uses of the cloud


·         Microsoft Canadian Data Centers


·         How do you take the first step?


-          What to ask the experts? (ROI, best workloads to migrate, etc.)


-          What should you ask yourself?


·         Cloud Assessment


-          Why is it important, what are my options, and what are the results?

The cloud can help you become more agile and responsive. However, other benefits include possible licensing and operating savings. Getting new projects off the ground in a more efficient and cost effective way is another advantage. Though your IT department is still needed to manage the cloud, with efficient management tools the cloud offers, they are now freed-up to handle other initiatives.   


IT Careers: Rock Your First Day! (feat. Ted Zanetic)

April 19, 2016

Specially related to IT and the role of a junior Tech Analyst, what can you expect on your first day and weeks upon starting a new position?


In this episode, the HR Podcast crew is joined by special guest, Ted Zanetic, Acrodex Worksite Operations Manager. Success tips and best practices are outlined—some discussion points include:


·        What to expect during on-boarding (first interactions as an employee)


·        First Day: success tips


·        Technical Analyst expectations 



·        Other (general):


- How does management gauge performance of new hires?


- Desk and personal area


- Soft skills


- Resources for new hires




Kozy IT: Introduction to Microsoft Cloud (feat. Donovan Charlton)

April 15, 2016

In this special episode, Acrodex's National Manager of Microsoft Solutions, Donovan Charlton, touches on a variety of topics regarding Microsoft cloud products and services. These topics include general overviews, different functionalities, pricing models, and updates/changes to these offerings. Client stories and examples of how these products and services can help you overcome business challenges and regain control of your environment are also outlined. Topics discussed include:

  • Office 365
  • Active Directory
  • AD Premium
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Canadian Data Centres- Update
  • Microsoft EMS
  • Microsoft ECS - Update



IT Careers: Boost your Professional Presentation - Stand Out from the Competition

March 24, 2016

Get insider tips and best-practice advice from the talent acquisition experts from Acrodex. Listen as Raza Hussain (Acrodex Marketing & Communications Manager) moderates an enlightening discussion with HR and Recruitment representatives.  

The changing trends of recruiting are discussed, as well as the 'do’s and don’ts' of the following:

  • Career Fairs
  • Résumés
  • LinkedIn and Social Media
  • Interviews

Kozy IT: Microsoft Volume Licensing – Considerations for Business Decisions

March 21, 2016

In this episode, returning guest and software expert, Andre Murrell, goes through the advantages of the different components of Software Assurance in Microsoft Enterprise Agreements. Get cost-saving tips as well as business and investment advice for your decisions regarding volume licensing.  

Episode highlights:

  • Benefits of Software Assurance, Enterprise Agreements and other Volume Licensing:

-         Breakdown of some examples of the benefits (hard and soft costs)

-         Subscription services (24x7 Problem Resolution,Planning Services, TechNet, Microsoft Online Concierge, and more)

-         Microsoft Home Use program

-         Office, Windows, SQL Server licensing (Product Use rights,Roaming Use, and more)

  • Client Discussion examples
  • Find value and leverage your licensing agreement

Do the features of your agreement provide your company with value?If not, we’ll let you know!  Learn how we can analyze your unique environment and the licenses you require.

Kozy IT: Introduction to Microsoft’s Cloud (feat. Andre Murrell)

February 25, 2016

In this episode, Andre Murrell, a software expert, and myself discuss the typical conversations had with clients around cloud technology. The intention of this episode is to educate and advise about the benefits/risks of transitioning and using the cloud from someone embedded in the industry. 

Episode highlights:

  • How to properly and safely leverage cloud technology that scale up and down for your business needs
  • Cost savings tips that can directly affect operational costs
  • Free-up your IT resources for more important tasks
  • Datacenter – DR in the cloud (either fully cloud or hybrid)
  • Security risks and Shadow IT

Microsoft Cloud Service Level Agreement -

Microsoft Azure Trust Center -